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5 SEO Facts Which Shouldn’t Be Ignored

5 SEO Facts Which Shouldn’t Be Ignored

The practice of SEO is not an overnight magic trick. Quality SEO takes time and commitment to show results, which is exactly what we do here at SEO Enterprise. One of the most important aspects of SEO is the content which is published. Keywords should be placed accordingly, otherwise a website can become penalized if Google finds out you are simply keyword stuffing.

Here are three interesting SEO facts on why we shouldn’t neglect content…

  1. Did you know that search engines are focusing on creating an optimum user experience? This means that many results which turn up are organic, or in simple terms, relevant to what a user is searching. This means that less paid google ads (the search results at the very top with a green box saying ‘ad’ next to it) are turning up in the search results. Due to this, websites need to offer the necessary information in terms of site content in order gain the best visibility. Quality content is therefore essential in SEO practice.
  1. Blogs are an important component of SEO and a content marketing strategy found that a frequent update of blogs steadily increase the organic search traffic through a website within Google’s Panda update.
  1. Statistics are the proof behind all statements. In fact, research has shown that 52% of consumers admits that blogs have impacted decisions to buy from a business, and 57% of businesses have gained new clients from their blogs. In addition to this, 42% of consumers look at blogs for extra information whilst 19% of consumers looking to purchase beauty products have made a purchase based on content they found by chance whilst searching online. Not only this, 61% of consumers said they are more likely to buy from companies which offer customer service and finally, 60% of decision makers claim that branded content aids in making product decisions.

Here at SEO Enterprise, we pride ourselves in offering top quality SEO services. We know how important content is within our services and we ensure that it is formatted and added in the most organic and effective way possible. Make sure to check back for our next blog post!

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