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5 SEO Basics Every Technician Should Know

5 SEO Basics Every Technician Should Know

The market is inundated with choice when it comes to SEO which can make it difficult to know who you should and should not go into business with. As an industry that is constantly changing, there are a few basics that every SEO technician should know and recognise off the top of their head. Anybody who isn’t familiar with these principles should be approached with caution. Read on to find out more…


When it comes to backlinks it is important to remember that quality will have a much better impact on your website than quantity, however you simply cannot carry out SEO without them. After all, a link that comes from a site with high-authority will vouch for your website and encourage the search engine to view it favourably, thereby increasing its rank in the SERPs and organic traffic.


In layman’s terms, keywords are the phrases that a technician aims to rank a website for the SERPs. There can be hundreds, if not thousands, of different phrases to choose from and a campaign simply can’t function without them. It is vital that you select high-quality keywords that are going to generate results as otherwise a campaign will end up being nothing but wasted money for the client.

User Experience

We’d like to claim this as a recent addition to the search engine algorithms, but the reality is that user experience has been pretty important for some time now. After all, the days of optimising specifically for Google are long gone! Remember to take functionality into account and make sure that your site loads quickly, doesn’t display any advertisements and is easy to navigate.


The SEO industry continues to tell us that ‘content is king’ for a reason as blogs and articles have the power to sway an entire campaign. The search engine is looking for high-quality, relevant content that is both original and user-friendly so steer clear of black-hat methods like keyword stuffing and plagiarism for the best results.

Mobile Optimisation

Smartphones have never been more popular and statistics suggest that over 50% of users now browse the web using a mobile device. If your website is kitted out with smartphone compatibility, the chances are you’ll suffer in the SERPs as a result as Google is now giving priority to sites with mobile friendly features as part of its mobile-first indexing algorithm.

It is important to remember that every technician has to start somewhere and that black-hat methods can be quite tempting to the uneducated and inexperienced. Obviously unethical SEO should be avoided at all costs and that is a principle we stand by here at SEO Enterprise. We firmly believe that it is these basics and much more that allows us to reign supreme as the best SEO company on the market.

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