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3 Ways to Reduce Your Websites’ Bounce Rate

3 Ways to Reduce Your Websites’ Bounce Rate

A website can be analysed in a variety of different ways in order to ensure that the most effective marketing campaign is applied and although organic referrals are the ultimate aim of any proposal, the bounce-rate of a website should never be ignored. In layman’s terms, this is the percentage at which visitors will leave a site after having interacted with just one page. Read on as we go over three methods that can help reduce a dangerously high bounce-rate…

Don’t allow pop-up advertisements

In a world where technology is available at everyone’s fingertips, there is nothing more off-putting than an influx of pop-up advertisements that prevent a user from figuring out what kind of service a website is offering. In fact, many people tend to abandon ship when this happens and this can lead a high-bounce rate. As a result, it is important to ensure that a website is easy to use and free from pop-ups.

Improve the quality of content

Many people tend to incorrectly believe that blogs and articles are only read by the search engine, however more and more users are actually stumbling across SEO optimised content than ever. When this writing is illegible, it can cause a high-bounce rate by forcing users to leave the site in a bid to find a more user-friendly service. As a result, content should always be written with both the user and the search engine in mind.

Target high-value keywords

The keywords that are targeted in SEO can make or break an entire campaign. After all, the high-value traffic that can be obtained from targeting high-value keywords contains the users that are statistically more likely to become a conversion. This means that targeting smaller keywords in order to avoid competition may inadvertently lead to a high-bounce rate. In order to prevent this, technicians and copywriters should choose keywords very carefully.

SEO technicians will often use jargon terminology like ‘organic traffic’ and ‘backlinks’ when trying to propose a strategy to an existing business and potential client. Whilst these phrases are important, it is essential that marketers do not forget about the bounce-rate. After all, this has the power to sway an entire campaign. To find out more information about bounce-rates from one of our SEO experts, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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