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3 Tips to Create Strong and Healthy Backlinks

3 Tips to Create Strong and Healthy Backlinks

As a ranking factor, there is no doubt that every SEO campaign needs backlinks in order to stand any chance against the competition in the SERPs, however the quality of these backlinks tells the search engine a lot more about a website than many people realise. In layman’s terms, backlinks are created between two similar websites that ‘vouch’ for each other’s content and tell the search engine that a website can be trusted, and this is why quality backlinks are always better than a high quantity of backlinks. Read on as we go over three top tips to take into consideration when creating backlinks…

Opt for trusted and authoritative websites

Google prefers it when websites have backlinks with other websites that are more trustworthy so it is important to try and create strong ones with sites that already have some kind of authority. This means that a backlink with Amazon, for example, will always look better than a backlink with a random unofficial website. This is known as domain authority and refers to a websites’ relevance in a particular area. Backlinks that come from high-quality websites hold a lot more weight because they vouch for your content and tell Google that you can be trusted.

Include targeted and relevant keywords

Although a backlink is a great way to build up trust with the search engine and encourage it to trust your website, it is often carried out through content which means there is a perfect opportunity at hand to utilise keywords. At the same time, it is important to ensure that these are relevant to both websites and that they are used sparingly and appropriately for the best results. The last thing you want to do is spoil a high-quality backlink by spamming your content with too many keywords that the search engine views it as a form of spam!

The website and content should be topically related

Many people forget to take relevance into consideration when selecting a website to build backlinks with as authoritative sites can only go so far. If you choose to build a backlink with a site that has little to no relation to your services then the content will not only look out of place but it may also affect the strength of the backlink too. Whilst you don’t want to build backlinks with your competition, the two websites should be topically related so that the search engine recognises its authority and knows how to index the content appropriately.

Every SEO technician recognises the importance of backlinks within a campaign, however the notion that more is better is a misconception that continues to affect results to this day. The search engine would much rather rank a website with fewer backlinks when these come from high-quality and respected websites rather than a website with dozens upon dozens of backlinks that come from low-quality sites littered with black-hat techniques. We make ethicality a priority at all times which is why an SEO Enterprise campaign only focuses on building strong and healthy backlinks. Find out how our SEO services can help you rise the ranks today!

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