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3 Things to Know Before Starting a National SEO Campaign

3 Things to Know Before Starting a National SEO Campaign

Here at SEO Enterprise, we provide both local and national campaigns that are just as high-quality as one another with slightly different goals. After all, a national campaign aims to rank for a very general keyword whereas local campaigns often take local areas into consideration when selecting the keywords that the technicians will target. Read on as we go over three important things that every business owner should be aware of before they undertake a national SEO campaign…

How difficult is it to rank for keywords in a national campaign?

The competition of other technicians is one of the most defining factors that separates local and national campaigns from one another. After all, national campaigns take place across an entire country which means that marketers are trying to rank for generic keywords such as ‘driveways’. As a result, a website owner who is paying for a national campaign shouldn’t expect their site to rank for these phrases overnight.

Is a national SEO campaign expensive or over-priced?

In order to stand out amongst the competition, a technician must work hard in order to convince the search engine that a site is reliable and trustworthy. In fact, this becomes even more crucial during a national campaign as technicians have to carry out a lot more work behind the scenes and implement consistent and high-quality content in order to generate ranking increases. As a result, a national campaign tends to be more expensive than a local campaign and business owners should be prepared for this.

How long does it take for the results of a national campaign to show?

It takes at least 3 months for noticeable changes in the ranking of a website to show in the SERPs for any campaign, however, it is possible that a national campaign could take up to 6 months of hard work before the changes that the client is expecting to see in the SERPs start to appear. After all, the competition for ranking is incredibly fierce and technicians must convince the search engine with the use of ethical methods whilst simultaneously battling with black-hat technicians, PCP advertisements and other marketers. With this said, consistency is key, and the results are long-lasting once they form.

Although a national SEO campaign is often more expensive than a local campaign, it requires much more work from the company carrying out the service. After all, the competition to rank for generic keywords is incredibly fierce and it can take a lot of high-quality backlinks and consistently favourable content before the search engine will start to trust a site enough to increase its ranking in the SERPs. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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