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3 SEO Tools Everyone in the Industry Should Be Using

3 SEO Tools Everyone in the Industry Should Be Using

When it comes to SEO, it is important that technicians are aware of the abundance of help that is available online from those with experience in the field. After all, the industry is constantly changing and adapting which can make it difficult for beginners to keep up. Here at SEO Enterprise, we use a variety of high-quality tools during our campaigns in order to ensure that we target the most effective keywords and provide our clients with the results they expect. Read on as we go over the top three…

Google Analytics

As an invaluable and free resource, any SEO technician that isn’t using Google Analytics is almost certainly going to struggle. After all, it provides a lot of data about a website such as the number of visits it receives, the source of the traffic (whether it is direct or organic), and the location of the visitors. This information allows technicians to tweak their campaign strategies wherever necessary in order to figure out the techniques that work effectively.

Sheer SEO

Although it works on a subscription basis, which can be off-putting for some technicians, Sheer SEO is a piece of SERPs tracking software that is useful for those optimising for both Google and Bing. It provides technicians with relevant data such as the search volume and pulls information from Google Analytics. In addition to this, Sheer SEO also offers value for money because it creates backlink analysis that can be used to ensure that high-quality backlinks are made and allows the campaign manager to track the website’s mentions on social platforms like Facebook and Twitter.


Since content is extremely important within SEO, it makes sense that copywriters will want to write about the most relevant topics. In fact, content marketing is an effective avenue of the SEO industry and focuses on the creation of original, significant and legible pages. BuzzSumo is a powerful online SEO tool that allows content creators to discover which topics are popular so they can optimise their own work in order to ensure that it meets the user’s requirements. In fact, upgrading to the paid version allows users to carry out more in-depth searches on social platforms too.

Here at SEO Enterprise, we understand the apprehension that technicians may have about free SEO tools, such as Google Analytics. With this said, these search engines want high-quality websites to rank favourably in the SERPs which is why they provide technicians with the means necessary in order to formulate an effective campaign. To find out more information about SEO tools like MozBar, SEMrush and Woorank, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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