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3 SEO Strategies for Advanced Campaigns

3 SEO Strategies for Advanced Campaigns

Internet marketing is an industry that is constantly subject to change and this means that the techniques that are used by technicians can change with each algorithm update that the search engine implements. With this said, there comes a point when basic strategies can grow too mundane for a campaign and SEO experts should be aware of advanced techniques that can be used ethically in order to boost the results that a website obtains. Read on as we go over 5 SEO strategies that are suitable for advanced campaigns…

Comparison Keywords

Keywords play a big role in SEO as they are the phrases that a website will rank for in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). This means that technicians must choose them incredibly carefully in order to ensure that they target the most effective ones. With this said, comparison keywords are ones that oppose each other, such as iPhone and Android, and they allow technicians to hold their ground against competitors. This approach isn’t for beginners and should be implemented carefully to avoid ranking for the wrong phrases.

Google Discover

In layman’s terms, Google Discover is the search engines version of a social media newsfeed. It will show users high-quality content that it thinks they will like and allows them to click on the card in order to be directed to the website it originated from. In advanced campaigns, ranking for Google Discover can help a website obtain a significant number of organic referrals and suggests that the search engine views the content favourably.

Content Alliance

Everyone knows that content is crucial in SEO as it is used in order power the keywords that a campaign is trying to encourage the search engine to rank a website for. As a result, the content in a basic campaign should always be relevant, original and legible. Keeping this in mind, a content alliance can benefit advanced SEO and involves teaming up with another business or blog in order create a single piece of content. This can help a smaller website reach a larger audience and creates beneficial relationships with businesses that operate in similar industries.

Here at SEO Enterprise, we work closely with our clients in order to provide the most effective campaign for the needs of their business without blowing through their marketing budget. In fact, some of the advanced SEO strategies listed above can even be implemented from the get-go by experienced technicians. To find out more information about applying search engine optimisation principles to your website, get in contact with one of our SEO experts at SEO Enterprise today!

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