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3 SEO Risks That Tend to Pay Off

3 SEO Risks That Tend to Pay Off

Here at SEO Enterprise, our team work hard in order to deliver reliable and high-quality results that our clients will return for month after month. With this said, the SEO industry is constantly changing which means that technicians often adapt to algorithm updates overnight. As a result, there are certain risk that can be undertaken within a campaign that can end up creating a positive outcome. Read on as we go over the top three…

High-Quality Backlinks

There is a common misconception that backlinks are a black-hat technique that should be avoided; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. After all, backlinks are one of the most essential techniques in SEO. With this said, using them incorrectly in order to generate as many as possible may be classed as spam by the search engine and lead to ranking penalisations. As a result, every backlink should be implemented with intention as the results are often immeasurable and deems this risk very rewarding.

Overhauling a Web Design

Whilst the design of a website is not usually the role of an SEO technician, it can be a popular recommendation in order to ensure that the interface is easy for both the user and the search engine to navigate. With this said, re-designing can be risky because the search engine must re-evaluate the pages and this can lead to temporary ranking drops. Luckily, these changes tend to bounce right back which means that a new website set-up can have untold benefits in the long run.

A/B Testing

There are dozens of different techniques used within SEO that are yet to be classed as ‘official’ methods, however the only way that technicians can learn about them is by using them. In order to assess their importance and ethicality, many experts prefer to utilise A/B testing, which involves going through each technique one by one. Whilst some techniques may have short-term ranking penalties, it can allow SEO technicians to create high-quality, reliable campaigns for their clients.

It is important that SEO technicians understand the difference between a risk and black-hat methods. After all, unethical techniques should never be utilised within a high-quality campaign, even when the risk is low, because the search engines are learning each day and such mistakes will eventually lead to penalisations. To find out more information about safe risks to take in SEO, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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