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3 Reasons You Need Blogs For SEO

3 Reasons You Need Blogs For SEO

Make no mistake, content plays a major role in SEO.

But you probably already knew that, right? After all, if an SEO agency like ourselves is constantly updating their blog, then it’s pretty fair to assume it plays a big role in search engine optimisation. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that consistent blogging is probably the simplest way to boost your Google rankings; as long as you’re able to come up with fresh relevant content every week.

What you might not be certain of, however, is exactly how blogging helps SEO, and why it plays such an integral part in all of our campaigns. Not to worry, we’re here to explain a few things:

Keeping Your Website Fresh

In short, there are just too many websites out there. The internet has become jam-packed with abandoned domains and neglected websites, meaning that Google just doesn’t have the capacity to crawl all of them. So, to ensure that the most relevant websites are ranking the highest, the search engines will give precedent to those sites which are updated regularly.

Regular blogging is undoubtedly the easiest way to keep your website updated and fresh. Google will constantly check the timestamp on your site, and consistent blogging is a great way of showing the search engines that your website is keeping active.

Of course, the real trick here is writing engaging, quality content that your audience will enjoy, but which also targets specific keywords.

Target Long-Tail Keywords

Blogging also gives you an effective way of targeting long-tail keywords. Since the other aspects of your SEO campaign will be targeting your chosen head terms, written content is the only real method of boosting your ranking for long-tail phrases.

This ultimately allows you to expand on the number of keywords being targeted within your campaign, which will obviously increase the chances of reaching your audience. Since competition for head terms tends to be extremely fierce, long-tail keywords are a fantastic way of achieving quick wins- it’s just a matter of finding relevant phrases to target.

Increase Your Website Pages

Finally, blogging is so effective because it provides you with a consistent method of adding pages to your website. Why do you need more pages? Because this gives the search engines more to work with, and their bots will have much more content to crawl and index.

Additionally, you can only target so many keywords (usually one or two) on any given page, so increasing the number of pages allows you to expand your keyword range, and ultimately start dominating the search engines.

Of course, only quality content will have a positive impact on your SEO, because your rankings will suffer if users are quickly clicking away from blogs (so we hope you’ve managed to read this till the end!).

But you don’t have to worry about coming up with great content, because we take care of your blogs as part of the best SEO Manchester has to offer. Contact SEO Enterprise today to find out more about our fantastic services!

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