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3 Reasons Why Google is Better Than Bing

3 Reasons Why Google is Better Than Bing

When it comes to optimising for a search engine, the majority of business owners want to focus on Google. After all, it is the most popular and well-known search engine which continues to beat its competitors by a landslide each year. Here at SEO Enterprise, our campaigns can be easily adapted to the needs of our clients accordingly. Read on as we go over three reasons why Google is better than Bing…

Google has more data

A search engine algorithm relies on the past data of users in order to power the current algorithms and provide users with the most relevant results. As the most popular search engine, Google has a lot more data to work with than Bing which means that it can deliver more reliable listings in the SERPs. In fact, Bing would still be worse off even if it were using the same algorithms as Google because data has such a big impact on the search results.

Google values speed

As a whole, the Google search engine recognises how valuable page speed is. In fact, it implements speed at every avenue by ensuring that users are able to browse as quickly as possible and obtain the information they require in a matter of minutes. This reduces the amount of loading that Google has to deal with at any given time whilst also improving the users’ experience. On the other hand, while Bing does focus on page speed as a ranking factor, it only does so on the websites themselves and subsequently pays little attention to speed in the SERPs.

Google had a head start

Put simply, Google has been around much longer than Bing which means that the search engine has had a significant advantage. Since its introduction in 1999, Google has also been able to improve its ranking process and was much more refined by time Bing made it onto the scene in 2005. As a result, the Bing search engine is behind in terms of search engine development and algorithm quality which makes it very difficult to overtake Google.

Every search engine is unique which is why an SEO campaign should always be crafted with a particular one in mind. After all, Google is known for its meticulous algorithms that aim to ensure the user is always receiving high-quality and relevant results in the SERPs. As the best SEO company on the market, every SEO Enterprise campaign is crafted ethically in order to ensure that Google, or its competitors, provide long-lasting and reliable results.

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