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3 Important Components Used in SEO

3 Important Components Used in SEO

Putting together a high-quality SEO campaign requires a lot of experience and the keen eye of a professional technician who has the ability to spot which methods will produce the desired results. After all, the internet marketing industry may be inundated with an endless number of SEO providers, however, very few know what it takes to put together an effective campaign. Here at SEO Enterprise, our team of technicians and copywriters have the training and experience necessary in order to deliver promising results. Read on as we go over three important components that should be utilised in every campaign…


In depth keyword research is one of the first things that any SEO technician should carry out in order to determine which ones are the most effective to target during a campaign. After all, these phrases may vary depending on whether a campaign is local or national and they are also the backbone of a successful SEO strategy because they are the words that users will type into the search bar and how websites obtain organic traffic. In addition to this, the keywords that are targeted during an SEO campaign should be used wisely and sparingly or else a website can be classified as spam and penalised in the SERPs rather than boosted.


In the world of SEO, content is known as ‘king’ because it holds such prominence in the industry. After all, search engine ‘spiders’ crawl a website and analyse all the content that has been uploaded in order to determine how trustworthy it is and thus, its ranking in the SERPs. This means that over-optimised content that is impossible to read fluently can cause a search engine to class a website as spam and penalise it accordingly. Furthermore, content is also used in order to power the keywords that a campaign is targeting which is why it should always be original, relevant and written to a high-quality standard with the user in mind rather than the search engine algorithms.


In layman’s terms, a backlink is a link between two similar websites, usually in the form of a hyperlink, that allows the search engine spiders to see how trustworthy a site is. With this said, one of the biggest mistakes that an SEO technician can make is trying to obtain as many backlinks as they can when the focus should always be on quality rather than quantity. After all, too many low-quality backlinks can actually affect an SEO campaign negatively whereas fewer high-quality backlinks shows the search engine that a website is credible and builds up the mutual relationship of trust that is required to boost a ranking in the SERPs.

Here at SEO Enterprise, we believe that a campaign that does not place emphasis on content quality will not survive the algorithm updates that search engines implement on a regular basis. After all, this is just one of the essential components that should be implemented into each and every search engine optimisation campaign. To find out more information about what it takes to put together an effective and high-quality SEO strategy, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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