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3 Features of Google Analytics

3 Features of Google Analytics

Since internet marketing is an online industry, it is impossible for clients to physically hold their purchase and the results are instead shown in the form of analytics, such as when a website receives increased organic traffic, high-quality referrals or manages to convert a user into a customer. As a free platform, Google Analytics is the most popular way to track these changes. Read on as we go over three features that every marketer should utilise within Google Analytics…

Traffic Reports

Many marketers use Google Analytics for its ability to track and report the different types of traffic that a website obtains. After all, technicians are not only able to see organic or direct traffic in real time, they can also see the users in terms of their age, gender and location which allows them to make suitable changes to a campaign in order to appeal to a particular audience.

Keyword Referrals

Although the ability to categorise traffic may be effective, it doesn’t mean much if technicians are unable to understand which keyword led them to a site in the first place. As a result, Google Analytics provides keyword referrals that can help SEO technicians alter their keyword strategy and ensure that their content is powering the most effective phrases.

Conversion Tracker

In terms of SEO, a conversion is made when a user makes a search query using a specific keyword, clicks on a website in the SERPs and decides to make a purchase or enquire for further information. Google Analytics has a conversion tracking feature that allows technicians to see these developments by identifying a conversion point on their website.

Here at SEO Enterprise, we work tirelessly in order to ensure that our campaigns are as effective as possible. After all, we believe that high-quality, ethical methods are the secret to long-lasting and reliable results and we track these changes using a variety of analytics software like Sheer SEO and Google Analytics. To find out more information about analytics in SEO, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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