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3 Familiar Popups That Users Encounter Online


3 Familiar Popups That Users Encounter Online

When we browse the web, data is collected, sorted and used in order to personalise the experience for each user. With this said, many people tend to find constant popups and advertisements distracting and it can be even more troublesome when they are too complicated for the average person to understand. Luckily, the team here at SEO Enterprise are on the case with an aim to simplify the internet jargon. Read on as we go over three different popups that internet users will be familiar with…

  1. Cookies

As the most common type of pop up, regular web users will be familiar with being asked to ‘accept’ cookies when visiting a particular website. In layman’s terms, cookies are very small files that are stored inside a computer that hold information about the user and the website in question which allows the sever to create a tailored page. They are created when a new webpage is loaded and the user chooses to allow cookies but are also destroyed when the browser window is closed.

  • Personalised Ads

At one point or another, every web user has searched the internet for a particular product and then found adverts for the exact same item on social networking sites shortly after. This is down to personalised advertising which involves the use of cookies by marketers in order to collect information about the likes and dislikes of each user. Thankfully, this doesn’t mean that they know any addresses or national security numbers, it just allows them to see the websites that have been visited in order to provide more relevant advertisements.

  • GDPR

Ever since the law was changed regarding The General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), the popups that users have been faced with have been relentless. After all, websites now want users to review their privacy policy in order to understand how it has changed following the implementation of GDPR. This is a piece of EU law that requires companies to ask consent before data is collected in the form of cookies. By placing a big focus on transparency, GDPR pop ups have been plaguing users within the first 30 seconds of visiting a website in order to announce any changes.

Although internet popups are not exactly new, they can be confusing for internet users that don’t understand their purpose. After all, the cookies used in order to customise a webpage are very different from the chocolate chip variety. Here at SEO Enterprise, we recognise the importance of user experience when it comes to an SEO campaign and that is why we decided to explain some of the familiar pop ups that are seen online. To find out more information, get in contact with a member of the SEO Enterprise team today!

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