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3 Content Mistakes That May Affect Your SEO

3 Content Mistakes That May Affect Your SEO

The way that content is approached in SEO has changed considerably over the years and copywriters now need to be just as aware of the changes that are taking place as the technicians themselves. After all, search engines are far more advanced than they used to be in the 1990’s and there are dozens of content crafting techniques that were once considered go-to approaches that will only have negative effects on your SEO in this day and age. Read on as we go over three examples…


The search engine is already aware of what content exists and where it is so it is important not to fall into the trap of duplicating existing content and trying to pass it off as your own. This is known as plagiarism and Google doesn’t take it very lightly so you’re almost certain to see your website suffer from ranking penalties as a result, especially if it is a repetitive issue. Perhaps one of the biggest grey areas; however, is rewriting existing content in your own words. Unfortunately, the search engine still considers this to be plagiarism because the ideas aren’t original and the web pages will be too similar.

Lack of Relevance

In the world of modern SEO, it is important to craft content for the user as much as the search engine. Many moons ago, you could get away with uploading content to your website as long as it had some relevance to the industry, however this often led to poor-quality blogs and articles that were impossible to read for the user. As such, Google introduced algorithms that made user experience a priority and this means that content must now have a clear and identifiable relevance to the website in question.

Keyword Stuffing

Another way that old-time SEO technicians would unethically climb the SERPs was through a black-hat technique known as keyword stuffing. This involves adding a keyword to a piece of content dozens of times over so that the search engine is more likely to index it quickly and rank it favourably, however it also makes the content unreadable for the user. Nowadays, black-hat methods like these will land you in serious hot water with Google so it’s in your best interest to avoid them from the get-go.

The biggest mistake that any copywriter can make in modern SEO is trying to write specifically for the search engine. After all, as the focus on user experience becomes more important than ever, Google is looking for content that has been crafted with the user in mind. This means that there needs to be a happy medium that allows the content to be ranked favourably whilst still offering quality information for the reader. Here at SEO Enterprise, our copywriters are fully equipped with the tools and experience to craft engaging and search engine friendly content in a variety of forms. Get in contact with the best SEO company around to find out more today.

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