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3 Characteristics of an SEO Friendly Website

3 Characteristics of an SEO Friendly Website

It is safe to say that Google is intelligent enough to spot a black-hat SEO technician from a mile away in 2021, and this means that a campaign should always make ethicality a priority at all times. After all, a technician can implement all the backlinks they want and create enough high-quality content to fill a void, but a lack of SEO friendly features can undo all of this hard work. Read on as we go over three characteristics you should try to maintain…

Fast Loading

Now we live in a technological world, a lot of users expect websites to load in a matter of seconds and will abandon ship if a page tries to make them wait. This can actually increase the bounce rate, a feature that is displayed as a percentage and measures the number of visitors who leave after viewing just one page on a site, and therefore makes it harder to rank in the SERPs. A slow-loading website is incredibly poor in regards to SEO because it is difficult to convert any organic traffic if users are leaving too quickly.

Unique Content

It is important to be ethical in SEO at all times as black-hat approaches are heavily frowned upon and will cost you in the SERPs. Content is ‘king’ because it has the power to make or break an entire campaign, and using unethical characteristics like keyword stuffing, plagiarism and cloaking are all a guaranteed way to get your site penalised in the rankings. An SEO friendly website should always be made up of ethical, unique and high-quality content that is optimised for the user as much as it is optimised for the search engine.

Well Formatted

The layout and design of a website can say a lot about its SEO compatibility as it will enhance user experience and ensure that visitors are able to find the information that they are looking for. For instance, a webpage should have a clear menu, header, page title, text that is separated by paragraphs to make it easier to read and relevant images. In addition to this, SEO friendly websites should also be free from Ads as this could see them being classified as spam by the search engine.

Here at SEO Enterprise, we try to approach our campaigns from every avenue in order to yield the most effective results in the SERPs. After all, Google only allows the very best websites to reach the top in the SERPs and a severe lack or neglect of SEO friendly features will only harm your relationship with the search engine. To find out how you can get SEO ready for 2021, get in contact with the best SEO company and enquire about our site analysis service today!

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