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3 Big Ways SEO Has Changed Over The Years

3 Big Ways SEO Has Changed Over The Years

SEO is the most effective way for you to make an impact on the digital market place. There, we said it.

So, it’s only natural for you to be desperate to see your website sitting nicely at the top of the search engines, which is perhaps what’s led you to this blog in the first place. As one of the most competitive industries in the world, the constantly changing algorithms and ranking factors ultimately make SEO incredibly difficult to master.

This is exactly why you need to find a reputable SEO company to help you make a real impact. But what kind of SEO changes are we talking about here?

The Fall of Keyword Stuffing

It wasn’t so long ago that SEOs placed a huge emphasis on keyword stuffing throughout their content in order to improve rankings. As the search engines worked around recognising exact keyword matches in order to determine rankings, this quickly turned into a strange game of keyword stuffing.

If a page contained a certain keyword more than its competitors, then it would usually be ranked higher by Google. But following the advent of Hummingbird and RankBrain, search engines have become much more sophisticated in the way they find relevant results for the user. This means that stuffing too many keywords into your content can actually prove detrimental, as it ultimately has an adverse effect on the user-friendliness and readability of your website.

Content Quality

With the important of usability in mind, it’s important for us to mention how every successful SEO campaign now relies on unique, engaging content. Of course, if your content is simply stuffed with keywords or is irrelevant to that particular page, then this will provide users with nothing of value and Google will penalise you for it.

Content spinning is a black hat technique which finally seems to be dying a death, and it’s obviously important for your content to avoid any grammatical errors- otherwise it will lose authority. Instead, you need to be coming up with fresh, unique content that people want to link to and share across social media.

It all comes down to the fact that people are changing the way in which they search the internet. Instead of just typing in a certain set of keywords, people are now much more conversational with Google and will type out entire questions they need answering. This ultimately provides SEO specialists with an opportunity to target long-tail keywords and come up with content that’s valuable to their target audience.

Content is all about SEO. SEO is all about content. You just can’t have one without the other.

The Rise of Mobile

One of the biggest changes to SEO over the past few years is the unstoppable rise of mobile search. As more people connect to the internet via mobile by the day, it’s clear that SEOs now need to be placing an emphasis on mobile rankings, rather than seeing it as a secondary concern.

Factors such as website speed and responsive design are now incredibly important ranking factors, and your website will struggle to get off the ground if it fails to deliver in either of these departments. With mobile searches now higher than those on desktop, this is the cornerstone of a successful SEO campaign in 2018.

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