The SEO Benefits of a Mobile Friendly Website

Whether we want to accept it or not, the world has become very reliant on mobile and handheld technology. In fact, 95% of people in a 2018 survey said that they owned a smartphone and this increase in use means that the way we approach search engine optimisation must adapt in accordance. After all, more […]

Why a Blog is Important for SEO

In order to create a successful campaign, it is important to assess each avenue of the SEO industry order to find the approach that works for your website. With this said, there are some features that are non-disputable that every business should consider implementing in order to improve their campaign, such as a blog! After […]

The Biggest Misconceptions About SEO

The SEO industry has been around since the mid 90s and the way that technicians approach a campaign has changed considerably throughout the last quarter of a century. After all, search engines like Google have introduced important algorithm changes in order to ensure that the playing field is fair for all and there are new […]

The Difference Between SEO and PPC

When it comes to internet marketing, it is important to do your research in order to find out which avenue is most suitable for your requirements. After all, the industry is incredibly diverse and even combines social media within traditional SEO. As the two top competitions, we’ve decided to go over a few of the […]