The Importance of Content in SEO

When you are new to the concept of search engine optimisation, it is important that you understand how much of an important role high-quality and original content plays in a campaign. After all, Bill Gates famously said, ‘content is king,’ and this means that every successful SEO campaign should focus on the information that is […]

The Importance of SEO at Christmas

For businesses looking to get their website on the first page of Google, SEO is an Internet marketing technique that cannot be understated. In fact, when it is employed all year round by qualified and experienced technicians the results can defy expectations. With this said, there are many people within the industry that fail to […]

The Difference Between Direct and Organic Traffic

For many years, the SEO industry has defined direct and organic traffic in a rather simple way; to most people organic traffic is the result of website visits from a search engine whereas direct traffic comes from a user typing a URL directly into the browser. Here at SEO Enterprise, we believe that this definition […]