Welcome Stonemade Drives!

We have another exciting new client to announce to you all: Welcome on board Stonemade Drives! Based in Kent, they have twenty five years’ experience under their belts and a whole heap of industry knowledge to boot, making them the top choice for driveways in Kent. Sharp as a tack when it comes to materials, […]

Live Long, and Prosper (and Start Your Own Business!)

We’re doing really well after our first year, so we’re glad we took the leap of faith and started SEO Enterprise. We won’t lie, it’s been tough. There have been times when we’ve thought we had taken too much on, but we’ve persevered and it’s been worth it definitely. We just want to take this […]

Combining organic SEO & PPC

Whilst we champion organic SEO as the most cost-effective, long-term solution to get visitors to your website, we do understand that in some cases, Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can be beneficial as well. If you’re not familiar with PPC we’ll give you a quick overview. When you Google something, in the search returns you will often see […]