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June 2015

Nowadays, many companies are making a concerted commitment into investing into solid, SEO-optimised web infrastructures which are search engine and user-friendly. This ensures a continued obligation as regards improving their algorithms over time. There are seven specific reasons why your business should consider investing in effective organic SEO, as it can make such a difference: It still works: First and foremost, the current techniques adopted in order to enhance and improve SEO still work. Even though data...

Are you feeling a little peckish? Are you feeling a takeaway for the weekend? If you’re a regular fast food foodie, or even a casual one, how do you order your food? Using a phone app? Online, or the traditional way with a menu over the phone? What if we said there was a much easier and even quicker way to have your food delivered to your door? What if we said Google created a new way which allows consumers to order their food directly from the search engine’s results? As an SEO company in Manchester, it’s only right that we try this out…

Google is forever expanding its horizons and stepping into open gaps within the online world, whilst keeping our SEO services Manchester team on their toes ensuring that they’re on top of Google’s game. So what is the search engine giant’s latest venture? They have introduced a new “buy button” to their search results.