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May 2015

You must have heard the expression “stands out like a sore thumb” before. If not, then where have you been? This popular phrase (or not so popular if you haven’t heard this expression), simply means when something stands out to the public eye. This could literally be a sore thumb, an overly bright t-shirt or maybe an outstanding, creative brand logo. If it’s the latter that you’re interested in, then you should contact our creative experts at our branding company in Manchester.

Are you feeling a little peckish? Are you feeling a takeaway for the weekend? If you’re a regular fast food foodie, or even a casual one, how do you order your food? Using a phone app? Online, or the traditional way with a menu over the phone? What if we said there was a much easier and even quicker way to have your food delivered to your door? What if we said Google created a new way which allows consumers to order their food directly from the search engine’s results? As an SEO company in Manchester, it’s only right that we try this out…

Online search engines serve one sole purpose, to keep businesses ranking as highly as possible for their main keywords. Our SEO services Manchester-wide includes a variety of techniques (agreed and approved by Google) in securing your search engine positioning, whilst generating additional online enquiries.